I am a wedding & portrait photographer

I have been capturing memories and moments for 7 years! SEVEN! I can't even explain to you the joy that comes with that! I have been blessed to see brides marry their best friends, seniors throw their caps in the air, a soon-to-be new mom hold her belly just weeks away from welcoming her new child.

Photography is more than a job to me. It's my creative outlet, a way of telling other people stories. I am SO excited you are here! This is your place, take a look around. When you are ready, just reach out!

More About Rachel

Whether you are planning your big day in texas or Somewhere Else, Excited for the big walk across the stage, or simply capturing family moments, i am here for you all the way! And sometimes i bring ice cream!!

What I do



It can start at the day you say yes, to your engagements, then those lovely bridals, all the way to the Big Day! I am with you 100% of the way if you let me. It's so much fun and you are more relaxed that way!



Seniors & Graduates bring a different kind of energy and I love it! The creativity. The simplicity. The joy!! Ugh, I can go on. But getting to be your wing woman to have beautiful photos for your mom that's why I am here!



If it's just you, your hubby & dogs? Great! It's you, your hubby & kids? Great! Or even, if it's the whole fam bam on both sides extended? Great! I love families. The chaos of kids running around makes some great memories!



Whether it's your first or your fifth, I will help you capture all those belly moments and "make me look like I am not nine months pregnant" moments too! Oh also, I am an occupational therapist, I can help lift you off the ground if you need it!

So why hire me you ask?

Because these moments are so precious & I get it

You know how Burger King's slogan is "Have it your way", yeah well same concept here! Except for the fact that my editing style is my style and that does not change.

I work hard to help you plan photoshoots or weddings the way you have envisioned them for days/months or even years! I help you prep colors, timelines, props, etc. I even sometimes do a fun shoot where all you have to do is sign up and plan the outfit! Easy right?!
I capture every grin & giggle so you don't forget those moments!

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